The Wonderbon Chocolate Co., is a new chocolate experience filled with flowing chocolate. The heart of Wonderbon is its one-of-a-kind hot chocolate menu, hot chocolate made from pure melted chocolate infused with flavors like caramel, espresso, vanilla and ginger, peanuts and almonds, bananas, pears and peppers, too. Kaleidoscopic in flavor, intensely rich and frothy, this is a new realm of hot chocolate imagination. Wonderbon Chocolate also creates handmade chocolate truffles, chocolate Tartines, chocolate custards and puddings. Traditional and vegan. Small batches, unique flavors, experimental and pure pleasure. 


Wonderbon Chocolate is the creation of Maury Rubin, whose baked goods and hot chocolate made City Bakery a worldwide bakery destination for the last 28 years. Wonderbon came to be when Maury met lifelong chocolate lover Alex Atzberger, who dreams of chocolate and travels the globe tasting the very best chocolate in every destination. Maury and Alex decided to partner on a new venture with eyes on the hot chocolate marketplace, intent on bringing a new level of ingenuity and quality to the category.