Maury Rubin

Hot Chocolate Maker

For the last quarter century and a little more, Maury Rubin has served hot chocolate to tens of thousands of New Yorkers and chocolate lovers from around the world. Maury first introduced his hot chocolate to New York at City Bakery, the celebrated bakery he founded at Union Square in 1990. Banana Peel Hot Chocolate, Sunken Treasure Hot Chocolate, Vanilla Bean Hot Chocolate and Arabian Nights Hot Chocolate were flavors of hot chocolate that had never existed before. During February, the City Bakery Hot Chocolate Festival became an annual destination and celebration of chocolate. The one-of-a-kind menu of flavors, intensely rich and chocolatey, became New York's best known and coveted hot chocolate.

Outside the kitchen, Maury's design work has been fundamental to his bakery work. He's been the graphic designer of City Bakery through the years, creating signage, postcards and menus, including the posters and Calendar of Flavors for the Hot Chocolate Festival. Maury designed the blue and white City Bakery cup, a familiar and iconic presence on the streets of lower Manhattan for twenty years. Maury designed and illustrated his 1996 cookbook: Book of Tarts, Form, Function and Flavor at The City Bakery, which won the IACP Cookbook Design of the Year award. Maury's design and use of eco-friendly materials for Birdbath Green Bakery was featured in the American Institute of Architect's 2007 Exhibition 'Inside/Out," along with the work of renowned architects Frank Gehry, Robert A.M. Stern and Jean Nouvel. Maury was the only non-architect whose work was featured in the AIA exhibition.